Hi, my name is Dom - welcome to my site.

I’ve recently become a dad and I wanted to get most possible experience from our pregnancy, birth, and being a dad to my beautiful baby boy. Soon after my baby boy was born I’ve started to write down my thoughts and feeling about the whole journey and now I want to share it with you.

When we were expecting our first baby I wasn’t able to find much help or support resources for dads or partners. I found few books and articles which I learned a lot from, but still they mostly focused on how to play a supportive role rather than becoming a full-time member of the baby-crew. Sure, there are things that that only birth mother can do, but many other responsibilities and tasks can be shared. Therefore, I try to take an approach of both parents playing as a team, and working closely together during the whole process.

If you’re thinking about becoming a dad, you’re already expecting your baby, or you already have some experience, I hope you stay and get something for yourself out of it.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a health professional. This blog contains its author’s personal thoughts and experiences. If you’re concerned about yourself, your partner or your baby, seek an advice with a care provider.